The Herb Works Oil and Vinegar

The Herb Works Oil and Vinegar welcomes you to our online selection of indulgences.  Our products --- oils (flavored as well as speciality oils such as grapeseed and truffle), vinegars (many flavors of balsamic), sauces, marmalades, and mustards --- are award-winning products from the east and places international.   We have YOU in mind as we select only

the very best.  Shop and enjoy!  Submit your order to the following email:

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Extra Virgin Olive Oils 

Grapeseed Oils from Salute Sante

Truffle Oil

Bread Dipping Oils 

Balsamic Vinegars 

Asiago-Parmesan Tapenade

Garlic-It Caramelized Garlic



​Kiwi Lime Verde Salsa

Sea-Salt Caramel Sauce

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Our Favorite Recipes